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Whether you're looking to find a gift for Fathers Day, a gift for dad on his birthday, or just because you're in the mood to spoil him with kindness, we have searched far and wide to come up with not just the best gift ideas for dad, but ones that will actually be used for years to come. This short gift guide for dad covers what we believe to be the best ideas to get you started on figuring out what you want to surprise him with.

Many of the gifts have been combined them into "sets" that can be purchased and given as a complete gift box of sorts. The prices range from around $20 up to $1000+, so you can pick and choose what best fits your budget and relationship with the old man.

This page includes:


Starting off with something a bit lighthearted and staying in line with dad's level of humor, these t-shirts will create a long lasting and memorable moment for what might otherwise be another birthday or holiday gift giving event. If you're looking for a dad gift that will make the entire family laugh, then these t-shirts are the way to go. 

Gifting idea 1: If you need an inexpesive gift for dad, then just the Dad jokes are how eye roll t-shirt could be given to him with a big grin on your face.

Gifting idea 2: If you will be among other brothers and sisters for this gift giving, get the t-shirt for dad, and get the dad joke survivor t-shirt for the rest of the family. They can be given as gifts, or put on after he has opened his box. Shirt sizes are available for newborns all the way up to mens 4xl.

Please note: All joking aside, you may also want to consider getting a can of earplugs too as this gift is surely going to open the floodgates of joke telling never thought possible. You know it's going to happen, so you might as well be prepared. Just be sure to pass them out to the family prior to giving the shirts.


dad joke t-shirts


Dads especially love to cook a small number of things for their family. Get them a grill and they'll be outside with some burgers in no time. However, for those who have just woken up, dads are famously known for their pancake making skills. Whether this is something known in your house or just something undiscovered up until this point, all that is needed is to give him the tools to make them and he may just surprise you. 

Gifting idea: Kickstart him on creating a delicious tradition of making blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes for you on any typical morning, or for when the whole family is together on Christmas. What dad can resist with the OXO Good Grips PFOA-Free Nonstick 11" Griddle Pan and OXO Good Grips Pancake Batter Dispenser that you gave to him for his special day.

Bonus idea: To truly formalize this tradition and to bring some humor to it, be sure to also get dad the Pancake Maker T-Shirt as a sort of cook's uniform that he will enjoy wearing when the time comes. Shirts come in size S-4XL.


dad pancake maker gifts


I realize this may sound like a joke at first, but hear me out. Generally speaking, socks are one of the most common gifts to give your dad because it's nearly impossible to find a gift for dad who has everything. Socks are just something he will surely use and likely is wearing until they are gross and should have been thrown out ages ago. 

HOWEVER. These thick fleece lined slipper socks are truly something out of this world. We have a drawer full of them and can confirm that your dad will never have cold feet ever again when wearing these. What makes them so great is that they are incredibly thick because of the fleece lining and when you wear them it feels like you have just crawled back into bed. 

Let me repeat that...

"when you wear them it feels like you have just crawled back into bed."

Please note: He'll love these and likely won't want to take them off, so be sure to get him a few pairs so he can have enough to wear until laundry day comes around. 

socks for dad


Sometimes socks are not the answer. Especially when you need to step outside to grab the mail after it has rained or snowed. Wet socks are nothing to mess around with and so comes the next comfiest thing known to man. These Wally sox loafers come in a wide variety of good looking styles. More importantly, these loafers are incredibly comfy - so much so that you can almost feel them by looking at the great photos that are provided for them. 

With nearly 57,000 customer reviews and a 4.8 star overall rating, these shoes are incredibly popular and quite highly rated. A customer even suggests they are "Like walking on air", so comfort has clearly not taken a back seat with the makers of these. Out of all the gifts to get your dad, these are one of the best we have discovered. 

Hey Dude Men's Wally Sox Onyx Shoes


5.) GIFT DAD THE GIFT OF POWER! (portable power that is)

Some things never change. Dads like their phones, gadgets and all kinds of gizmos. Nearly all of these are powered in some way, so what better way to give a truly functional gift to dad than to give him the ability to use all of them wherever and whenever he wants to - all without worrying about whether or not the battery will run out. Both of these options make a perfect gift for dad when he wants to stay connected.

Gifting Option 1: The Jackery Portable Power Station comes in a variety of options that run from roughly $140 all the way up to $1650. These backup power devices can power up all kinds of things he would want to use and can be something he takes camping, tailgating, or even just leaves in his truck for all kinds of uses that come about when you have access to power wherever you go.

The more expensive versions also have solar panels to recharge it which may come in handy in the event of brownouts and when the grid goes down. As the world continues to get more unbalanced, this may also double up as a source of backup power that could be very useful to have and something to bring peace of mind.

Gifting Option 2: For a more budget friendly but still incredibly useful gift for dad, the pocket sized Anker 20000mAh battery pack is something that can be thrown into the glovebox or taken camping that can recharge a cel phone or tablet several times. At roughly $50, this will likely become a godsend when needed. Having that extra power to ensure phones can be charged when away from the house makes  great gifts for young dads along with anyone else who needs to get in touch with him.

portable power gifts for dad


It's nearly guaranteed that coffee will get drank no matter what form it comes in. Whether it's with sugar, without, cream added, frap, or any other number of things will only make it go down faster. However, the just-woke-up and uncaffeinated dad often times just want their coffee without having to fuss with it. One thing that is simple enough to please anyone's coffee drinking papa on a hot summer day is to have that cup of coffee COLD.

The Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker is even simpler to use as any normal coffee maker. Just put in some water and the coffee grounds, and then let it brew for 24 hours in your fridge. The coffee can be made at any time of the day and stored for days, so it's no longer something that has to be done half awake every single morning. Just brew some up and let it chill in the fridge until it's ready to be used.

With over 60,000 product reviews, this is an incredibly popular coffee maker. Just remember though - when you gift dad this cold brew coffee maker, you'll be saving him time in the morning which will be more time that he can make you pancakes with! He'll love that you are so thoughtful about his morning routine. cold brew coffee maker for dad


Earbuds are nice, but there's a time and place for them. They leave you feeling like you're in your own little world and it's hard to hear other things going on around you. That's where these modern "portable boomboxes" come in.

These small portable stereo speakers can link up wirelessly with your dad's phone and allow him to rock out wherever he wants some music. This Anker waterproof bluetooth speaker would make a great addition to the garage, by the pool, on the back patio, or could even be something that gets taken camping and on special trips.  

Anker makes several versions of this, but this one is roughly $30 and batteries last for 24 hours before needing to be recharged. Setting it up is simple, and should work well with any phones that support bluetooth like the typical iPhone and Samsung Galaxy among many others.

portable bluetooth speaker 



One thing that will scratch that hard to reach dad-gadget itch and also provide true usefulness and a peace of mind would the addition of a home security system to his home. Gone are the days where you needed to get some fancy high tech system that only the installers understood how to use. You can now simply pick and choose exactly which cameras you want and hook them up in a few minutes on an phone app that will notify him immediately if anything shady is going on. A simple home security system such as these made by Ring make the perfect gifts for the dad who has everything because it will help him defend and keep his stuff his should a burglary or other event take place. 

Wireless or wired? We have used numerous Ring cameras ourselves and while they come in both wired and wireless options, we have found the batteries to last for a very long time, so if you are concerned with battery life, just buy a couple extra batteries. The phone app will tell you when they are needing to be charged. Unless you are replacing existing wired lights/doorbells, we recommend the wireless options as it is nice to be able to move them wherever and whenever you want.

Which cameras to choose? To start off, having a camera at the main front door (E.g. a Ring Doorbell is a great place to start. This will let Dad see any potential shenanigans happening outside his home where people might steal packages or do who knows what else. It will also let him know when guests have arrived so he can finally go take care of that thing he's put off to the last second.

Second, we have used and highly recommend the "stick up" cameras. You can browse all the Ring security camera options but these wireless cameras are incredibly simple to use and have some pretty sophisticated features to detect motion. You can place them on top of a shelf, attach them to a wall, or put them most anywhere that provides a good view of an area he'd like to know if people are in. Having one of these in the main area of the house is where we would start. If you are purchasing several of them, perhaps placing them in bedrooms or the garage might make sense. He will have no problem finding places to put these to good use which is why these make such a good gift for dad.

home security gift for dad


One thing everyone's dad loves is proving to his buddies just how much better he is at simple games of skill. Especially after a few beers, this game can become quite the garage centerpiece. With the electric score tracking system on the side panel, there will be no arguing over points and just how badly someone lost.  The soft-tipped darts won't leave holes in your father's wall, so he will appreciate not having to add more fix it projects to his to-do list. This electric dartboard with a cabinet is roughly $115 and will be enjoyed for many years of games.

Alternatively, if your father is more of a traditional no-nonsense type of guy, the steel tip regulation sized dartboard may be a better option for roughly $35. It is not electronic, so there are no cords or batteries needed, but will need to be placed in a spot where the wall doesn't matter so much when darts eventually get stuck in it. You could make your own, or you can also get a dart wall protector that will avoid all of that nonsense to give a gift that he'll love.

 electronic dartboard dad gift


That's all we have hand picked for you. While there are many different options available for each of the categories of gifts, we think these are the best represenations of what you may want to give your dad. Ultimately, you know him better than us so we also encourage you to check out the rest of our gift guide for more inspiration for gift ideas. 

Also, we are a t-shirt company, so it would be reckless of us to not also mention that we have many t-shirt designs that may be great choices for gifts. With over 10,000 designs, we have something for nearly any topic you can think of. Just do a site search for whatever topic your dad loves and check out what we have made. Perhaps he spends lots of time in his garage or likes to go fishing. So, just do a search for fishing t-shirts or garage t-shirts and you'll see all the various related designs we have available.

Otherwise, feel free to browse our Fathers Day T-Shirts and Dad T-Shirts.


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