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Male Anime Protagonist T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top


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One glance from your huge, twinkling eyes is enough to send even the most hardened of ladies weak. A swish of your purple spiky hair turns your chibi n legions into a rabid, drooling frenzy. Your fans all ships themselves with you, and they’d sail to the end of the Earth just to defend the honor of your love. But it’s ok, senpai, as long as you notice me, everything will be daijoubu desu! This t-shirt is available in several different sizes and colors too, and different styles such as hoodies, tank tops and sleeves! N-not that we especially made it for you o-or anything…OwO

Shirt may or may not contain any of the following:
•Kawaii fangirls
•Spiky purple hair

Each shirt is digitally printed when ordered, and shipped from Northern California.
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