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Ok, so, we’re gonna venture a wild guess and say you’re not someone to use the word “literally” in a figurative manner. Or perhaps you’re the real Captain Obvious. Maybe you dislike cliche quotes on t-shirt, but also find blank t-shirts boring. Perhaps you have a dry sense of humour. So. This is a shirt. On a t-shirt. It’s a shirt-on-shirt action. And if you wear this in front of a mirror, it’s double shirt-on-shirt, twice over. We're so meta that we’ve lost our train of thoughts. This t-shirt is available as sleeves, hoodies and tank tops and also in several different sizes and colors…as in the actual shirt shirt, not the shirt…wait, we’re confusing ourselves now. Basically, you can have this t-shirt in several colors, sizes, and styles. Yeah.

Shirts may or may not contain any of the following:
• Hipster thoughts
• Irony
• Deep thinking

Each shirt is digitally printed when ordered, and shipped from Northern California.
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