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Here at Chummy Tees, we spend our days focused on creating t-shirt designs for the times we want to have a laugh, think about the future, remember the past, and enjoy our best lives in the moment. We add new t-shirt designs every week and love creating more for the ever expanding set of hobbies and interests that others love so enthusiastically.

The Seed is Planted

Prior to starting Chummy Tees, founder Josh Neuman honed his skills for 10 years at Zazzle - a marketplace for t-shirts with investments from Google initial investors John Doerr and Ram Shriram. As the Director of Customer Acquisition, he played a defining role at increasing their website visitors by tens of millions per month. One of the many projects he played a pivotal role for were the 2008 elections where he has been mentioned numerous times online including: NPRAllthingsd, Mediapost, Daily Caller,,, prnewswiregraphicpolicy.

Before heading up the customer acquisition team, he did graphic design work including making t-shirt designs in realtime and poolside at the 2007 MTV VMA Style Villa for dozens of celebrities, musicians, and actors including Britney Spears, Nelly, Timbaland, Joe Hahn(Linkin Park), Robert Leach, & Jeff Ross.

A New Venture

In April of 2010, Josh formed Narwhaler LLC with the intention of creating a business of his own. After testing the waters in several different directions, it officially became known as Chummy Tees and the website was officially launched in 2016.

It did not take long for the business to take off. Within 2 years, it had grown from a small corner of his garage, to filling up the entire house with boxes of blank tees and equipment. The Chummy Tees Etsy shop had become one of the top 250 shops during the Christmas season and it was soon time to expand.

Orders Shipped Out


A New Home In Sonora, Ca

In 2018, Chummy Tees moving to a dedicated warehouse in Sonora, Ca where all the orders are printed and shipped out. Since then, Chummy Tees has continued to grow, and has been awarded a trademark for various clothing stlyes along with a trademark for kids clothing. 

Since then, Chummy Tees has been mentioned in Entrepreneur, WSJFortune, SalonHuffingtonPostBusiness InsiderMixbook, TheWeek, PhillyMag, MyOllie, Bustle, Cafemom, CmmediaYahoo TW1 & 2 , NACSWorldJournalamong other publications. Customers include A-list actors, famous MMA fighters, best selling authors, TV personalities, and people from all walks of life. Some that have made public posts include Will Ferrell, and the founder of Livejournal, and the 10,000+ customers that have left reviews for us here on our site.


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