German 1888 Eagle T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top


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You know the difference between bratwurst, wieners and frankfurters. You wouldn’t miss a single match of Bundesliga, ever. Your favorite dog breed is German Shepherd. Or a Schnauzer. Or maybe even a Spitz. You maneuver bureaucracy like a pro, so much so you wear red tapes as hair ribbons. You’re so punctual, and honestly, we’re a bit worried about you nitpicking shipping times. Heck, you might even be a real German! Alles klar? Dieses T -Shirt ist available in several different sizes and colors. It is also available in several different styles such as short sleeve shirts, hoodies, and tank tops. Guten tag!

Shirts may or may not contain any of the following:
• Herr and Fräulein
• Bratwurst, wieners and frankfurters

Each shirt is digitally printed when ordered, and shipped from Northern California.
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