I'm Not Sleeping I'm Just Resting My Eyes T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top


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You might be someone who loves naps, or maybe you just own a pair of hardworking oculars that needs resting. Maybe you're experimenting a new form of eye exercises. Maybe you should call it eye yoga. As in "I'm not sleeping! I'm just practicing a new form of yoga I invented. This move is the 'downward closing lids' move. At Chummy Tees, we're brimming with great ideas like this. You should think about it (or sleep on it, whatever works for you). But now that you're awake, you should order this t-shirt in several different sizes, colors and styles of shirts including short sleeve shirts, hoodies and tank tops. At least you'll be doing something productive today, eh?

Shirts may or may not contain any of the following:
• Ocular yoga
• Sleep
• Yawn
• Eyes

Each shirt is digitally printed when ordered, and shipped from Northern California.
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