Socially Awkward T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top


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Product Details

Small talk tires you and you’ve had way too many incredulous encounters with people for the week. Yes, three is one too many. This slogan speaks to you if you’re notorious for concluding your sentences with “…and yeah,” or a nervous chuckle. You rather evade a crowd of people and yearn for moments at home wallowing in your own isolation. Oh, you got invited to another one of those parties? Your anxiety builds and you’re sweating profusely through your new shirt. That’s okay because this shirt comes in a tank, allowing for more comfort against all your social anxiety concerns.

Shirts may or may not contain any of the following:
• Constant embarrassment
• Stammering and stuttering
• A benzo script
• A homesick sensation

Each shirt is digitally printed when ordered, and shipped from Northern California.
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